He Said/She Said - The Great Gender Debate & Party - Singles 25-55

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Saturday, January 4 2020 6:30 PM 9:00 PM

It is not secret that most of the time men and women operate on 2 totally different wavelengths.  When it comes to dating and relating, it can seem like all of the time!  Join us for this fun and informal night where we come together to solve the problems of the world when it comes to men and women and how they interact!  NYSN staff members will be your host and moderator for this fun event where we will enjoy cocktails, socializing and then sit for a guided discussion/debate  about the issues that mean the most to you!How it works:

-Doors open at 6:30pm for socializing and cocktails.  During this time you are invited to anonymously write down questions, comments and observations that will be directed towards members of the opposite sex.  Those comments/questions will be dropped in a box.

-At around 7pm the group will be seated as we pull out each comment to be read out loud (again anonymously) for members of the opposite sex to answer, give feedback and debate.

This is really a fun way to get into the heads of exactly what people are thinking.  You will be amazed at the very candid and honest things that come out.  You may walk away enlightened or even more frustrated but you will certainly have fun!

The night will also include drink specials

Can I come alone?  Yes 98% of those attending will likely come on their own.

Will my questions comments be private?  Yes, we have no way of knowing who wrote each question.

Will there be professionals to consult?  NO!  This is mean to to be fun and informative. The participants drive the conversations and debates.  If you are looking for professional help you may want to look somewhere else.

Do I need a ticket? If this is a free event, no. For paid events: Unless otherwise instructed, if you registered and paid for this event or registered with a voucher your name will be on a list at the door.  If you register within 3 hours of the event it is best to bring proof of payment.   If registering with a voucher follow the instruction on the voucher.  If you registered and paid a confirmation email will be sent to you when you registered and on the day of the event.

Dress Code:  At all events we ask that you use your best judgement based on the event. There are never jackets and ties required unless specifically stated.  Keep it neat, be yourself and look your best.