Clues & Cocktails

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Saturday, September 18 2021 8:00 PM 10:30 PM EST

* This is a prepay only event. You have to get your tickets here in advance online.

Cocktails & Clues Mystery Party is an exciting social event that combines the best aspects of a murder mystery party, a social mingle mixer, an escape room and a scavenger hunt into one amazing event! Use your detective skills and puzzle solving abilities while making social connections, having lots of laughs and winning prizes! Don't miss the social experience that's being called, "One of the most fun things to do in NYC". Come with friends or come alone and make new friends at this one of a kind event the whole city is talking about. A lot of the crowd is single so this is also the perfect event to meet that special someone in a relaxed setting!

* Upon arrival you'll be teamed up with other people at the event. You'll be mixing and mingling with the crowd and working on solving the case!

* Decipher a series of puzzles, complete fun missions and more to solve the case and catch the murderer

* As the countdown begins, you and your team will have a certain amount of time to solve everything and "escape the bar!"

* We give you time at the beginning and at the end of the event to mix and mingle freely and get to know new people. We even give everyone "connect cards" which are like business cards that you can hand out to people you meet who you'd like to potentially get together with another time. This is a perfect way to make new connections! (see image below to see what a connect card is).

* About 75% of the crowd will be coming alone (you'll make new friends by the time the event is over).

* An amazing variety of cocktails available at the bar

* Full food and appetizer menu available at the bar

* Win prizes!