Chemistry Online Speeddating

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Thursday, February 10 2022 7:30 PM 9:00 PM EDT

* This event is for singles in the New York City area - Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, Long Island, NJ, Westchester welcome *

Grab a snack or maybe even a cocktail and get ready for a fun night of dates from the comfort of your own home! Our friendly host will welcome everyone and then you'll go on a series of live 1 on 1 video dates on Zoom. A new dater will show up on your screen every 5 minutes or so until you meet everyone. At the end of the event you'll be able to select those you'd like to see again. If they mutually matched with you, our host will send you each others' email addresses within 24 hours of the event. Find out why this event has been called, "The absolute best way to meet quality singles in the modern age".

* Ticket price will be going up as event time approaches and we have very limited spots available so please sign up as soon as possible.

"As a busy professional, I just don't have time to get out and meet people as much as I'd like so this event was like a Godsend for me. It was a refreshingly fantastic experience!" - Jennifer S.

"What a fabulous concept. I met some great people and I started dating one of the guys I met at the event." - Hannah M.


During each of your mini dates, we'll give you a unique compatibility question that you can both answer. These questions have been carefully crafted to help you gauge chemistry, test compatibility and get an idea about your date's character. In fact, because of these questions, people have said they feel more comfortable coming to our events, are able to learn more about their date and lead to more successful relationships than traditional speed dating events. (Of course you can choose to just chat with your date without the questions if you'd prefer to).

"The compatibility questions are the perfect way to tell if you have chemistry with the the other dater." - Emma D., NYC

"I loved the questions because it takes the pressure off having to come up with something new to talk about with each person. It's makes a great ice breaker." - Gavin B., NY

An example of some of our unique compatibility questions:

* If you had a time machine - where would you take it to? Would you stay there?

* Do you usually follow your heart or your head?

* Would you rather live for one year on an island by yourself or for one year in a small apartment with 7 strangers?

* Would you grow a mohawk for a year if it meant that $20,000 would go to a good charity?

* What is one thing you’ve always wanted to cross off your bucket list, but haven’t yet?

QUICK NOTE: Eventbrite charges a big fee for events that have multiple ticket types so we don't have a separate male and female ticket so you don't have to pay that fee. We gender balance by names (For example, if you buy a ticket and your name is David, we will assume you are a male). If you have a name that is difficult to determine your gender from, we may email you before the event to confirm your gender.